Young Souls

A Salt Lake City Based Non-Profit Serving Our Youth By Introducing Them To Music And Video Production and Jesus
These days we lack a commitment to our young people. We desperately need to act and make a change. We need to invest the time and money now, so they have a brighter future.  

Our Mission

Young Souls vision is to take at-risk teens and give them stability, safety and the strength to conquer adversity while giving them the opportunities to lead, dream, and love so they can be a productive part of our society. We will empower our youth to overcome the challenges of negative influences and create a positive change within themselves. We want to replace the sounds of gunfire and a life of drug use with song, unity, and fun all while learning through our music production class. 

Our use of music exposure sets us apart from others. It equips our young people with valuable tools to love a principled life for which they have passion. We will help teens develop their musical talents while keeping them off the streets and out of trouble. We believe this will start a movement among our young people that will bring dignity to themselves, their families, and their communities. 

Who are we?

 Young Souls is a youth development nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating and refining young men and women. We strive for nothing less than to help every young person we connect with discover their best self as students, workers, community and family members.  

The Global population of youths is on the rise, and they continue to pose a multi-faceted challenge to both the state and national governments. Comprehensive multi-sectoral approaches are necessary to help salvage the youth that has or is at risk of having these problems. 

What we provide

The purpose of Young Souls is to support and provide for the youth in many ways, including:

The Mentor

Markilo Allen is a licensed, ordained minister, anointed keynote speaker, accomplished Christian recording artist, ex-gang leader, and CEO. Since 1996, Markilo has been ministering and speaking at various places including Prisons, County Jails, Youth Detention Centers and Group Homes, Elementary, Jr. High and High Schools, Churches, Youth Conferences and Gang Summits. He has spoken to thousands of people throughout the United States who were touched and changed by his testimony. The wisdom he has shared concerning lessons from his past mistakes and bad choices has helped to transform the minds of many people.

For Markilo, being a mentor is more than just being an advisor. He provides an atmosphere of family and a feeling of belonging; something that people are longing to have. His style and way of thinking help those he has spoken with have a better understanding that bad choices affect them negatively and that their relationships with dangerous people can lead them down a destructive path.

Markilo believes that when you combine a mentor with an at-risk teen, the impact of the involvement makes the teen less likely to engage in problem behavior as a result of the intervention. Through his interaction with at-risk teens, he has helped to improve their self-esteem, behavior, and academic performance. His views and desire to provide an adult role model to those at-risk teens transitioning into adulthood have proven to be a promising strategy for violence prevention. Helping delinquent youth change their lives for the better is something Markilo does with his powerful soul searching presentations. These presentations elevate the audience to a higher standard and level which increase their strive to be the best they can be. 


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